About Us

Tamar Meeks is dedicated to providing effective mediation services and to helping you reach resolution of your dispute.

Ms. Meeks has been practicing law in Texas since 1989. She has  first-chair trial experience representing both plaintiffs and  defendants. She also has experience in both personal injury and  commercial litigation. Tamar began mediating in 2000. Her experience on  both sides of the docket has proven to be invaluable in establishing  credibility with the parties and attorneys during mediation. In addition  to her mediation practice, she is often appointed by the courts to  serve as a guardian ad litem for both minors and incapacitated adults.


Located at the corner of Turtle Creek Blvd. and Blackburn, Tamar’s office is convenient to downtown, North Dallas, Plano and Las Colinas via easy access to  I-75 Central Expressway, North Dallas Tollway and Preston Road.